Male Dog Names That Reflect On You

Picking out dog names can be as difficult as choosing a name for your child. It’s even more difficult if you consider that you have more choices. For example, male dog names can be Max or Jake or Bob. A male child’s name can also be Max or Jake or Bob. Male dog names can be Rover or Snoopy or Boomhauser. I suppose you could name a male child these but I wouldn’t suggest it, for their sakes.

Finding male dog names should be fun, but should also be reflective of something in your life or of the dog. You could choose a name that reflects how the dog looks. Large dogs can be names of characters that are larger than life, such as Atlas or Zeus or Goliath. Small dogs could be named for things that sound small, like Pop Tart or Bug or Shrinky Dink (Shrinky or Dink for short). Some other names that suggest how a dog looks can be Shaggy, Wrinkles, Shorty, Bandit, Bull, or Tiny (this works well for a Chihuahua or a Great Dane). Mythology is a great source of ideas when it comes to dog names. You could find a lot of Greek dog names from Greek mythology, or Roman mythology or Egyptian as well.

Boy dog names can reflect your job or a favorite hobby. Are you a pilot? How about Pilot or Cesna or Boeing for your dog? A plumber can name his dog Pipes, Copper or Flush. An accountant or mathematician has a lot of options, like Abacus, Infinity or, if you happen to be an accountant and a Seinfeld fan, Seven. Some great hobby names can be Ghost or Spooky or Vortex if you’re a ghost hunter. Lincoln, Harry or George are good dog names if you’re a presidential historian. Are you an artist? Try Sketch, Charcoal or Canvas.

Sports fans have a myriad of choices for male dog names. You can name your dog after your favorite team like Red or Wings (hockey), Laker (basketball), or Colt (football). How about team mascot name like Brutus (Ohio State Buckeyes football), or Homer (Hunstville Stars minor league baseball), or Thor (Minnesota Thunder minor league soccer). Your favorite player might have a great name for your dog, like Boomer, Ali, or Lou. If you are one of those people who love all things sports, you could name your male dog Sport.

Movies and television offer some great male dog names. Rocky, Scooby, Cujo, Astro and Rambo are some common choices. For something more unique or that will have your friends guessing, try Dreyfuss (from TVs The Empty Nest), Stinky (Dharma and Greg), Bullseye (from Oliver Twist movie and book), or Bullet (you probably don’t remember the Roy Rogers Show, do you?)

Choosing male dog names doesn’t have to be difficult. Just look around you, you will find things that will remind you of the things you enjoy or the things that your life is made of. You will find a bobble-head of your favorite sports player or a DVD of your favorite movie. You might notice the work you brought home last night or your uniform hanging in the laundry room. Every part of your life can be reflected upon to come up with great dog names.

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Caring for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Care can be confusing at times because there is a lot of misinformation about Guinea Pigs at pet stores and on the internet. We would like to touch on a few subjects that sometimes seem to have conflicting information.

The size of Guinea Pig Cages:

In general the cage should be as large as possible. Guinea Pigs like to burrow and need to room to move around. You will also want to have room for a pigloo house or boxes and tubes for the pig to play with. The small cages being sold at pet stores are really too small for an adult guinea pig. There are many great sites that offer bigger cages for sale or instructions for creating your own.

Feeding Guinea Pigs Hay:

Please read carefully. In addition to giving your guinea pig good quality, Fresh food pellets daily, Timothy Hay should be made available as much as possible. When purchasing hay PLEASE read the label carefully as many times the local pet stores offer Alfalfa hay rather that Timothy hay and there is a BIG difference. Alfalfa hay should NOT be given your guinea pigs as it can cause severe issues with bladder and kidney stones due the fact that the Alfalfa hay contains large amounts of calcium.

Multiple Guinea Pigs in the same cage:

In general guinea pigs prefer to live together in groups or pairs. However, due to varying personalities of some guinea pigs, it is sometimes impossible to house them together. Keep in mind that male and female pigs should NOT be housed together unless you are prepared to care for the babies as well as they will mate. Male and Male or Female and Female together in the same cage is not uncommon and can many times be more favorable to the guinea pigs.

Tooth and Nail Health:

A steady supply of Timothy Hay and a good quality food pellet will help keep the guinea pig teeth in great condition. As for the guinea pigs toe nails, if your pigs lives and spends most of their time in a cage with soft bedding then these Must be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Otherwise the nails can grow quite long and begin to curl causing a lot of pain for your guinea pig.

Vitamin Supplements:

A steady supply of fresh vegetables and some fruit can usually offset the need for any additional supplements. Before giving any vegetables or fruits to your cavy, you need to check if it is safe first. For example if you want to give celery to your cavy first check is celery safe for guinea pigs or not. The ONLY vitamin supplement that a healthy guinea pig should ever need is Vitamin C. If you decide to give a dose of Vitamin C, please read the label carefully as many of the Vitamin drops offered at the pet store contain other vitamin in addition to the C which can cause illness. Do NOT mix the drops with the guinea pigs main drinking water as it can cause the water to have a strange flavor which in turn may cause the guinea pig to not drink enough and become dehydrated.

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