Provisional Patent Application Information

A Provisional Patent Application (PPA) is a quick and inexpensive way to establish an official patent application filing date on your invention at the US Patent Office (USPTO). Many inventors are capable of doing this themselves. If you do it yourself, you only pay the official PPA filing fee ($100 as of Jan, 2006).

You must follow the filing requirements, and provide a complete description and clear drawings of your invention to the USPTO in the proper format. The USPTO website ( provides forms and instructions. However, it is always to consult with professionals, such as Invent Help agency and you can read more about InventHelp on UrbanMatter.

Benefits of a PPA

Inexpensive and fast, especially if you do it yourself. Fastest way to establish a filing priority date.

Provides an official filing date that can be applied to a utility patent application on the same invention that is filed within a year after the PPA.

Provides “Patent Pending” status for 1 year. Some people may hesitate to copy your invention if they see “patent pending”, however you cannot enforce this.

Delays the larger expense of a utility patent application, and allows you time to achieve commercial success. If your invention is commercially successful due to its uniqueness, this fact may help you gain allowance of a later filed utility patent application.

Disadvantages of a PPA

A PPA never becomes a patent, so it is never enforceable. You can’t stop someone from copying your invention until a patent issues on it.

A PPA is never examined by the USPTO, so it doesn’t bring you closer to knowing if a patent will be allowed.

Some companies will not review an outside invention for licensing until a utility patent application is filed on it. A PPA is inadequate for these companies. Ask the companies that interest you for their requirements (don’t disclose anything about the invention, just ask their requirements for evaluating outside inventions).

The 1-year expiration of the PPA is also the deadline for most foreign patent filing if you disclose your invention publicly after filing the PPA. The problem is, a PPA gives you no feedback from the USPTO about patentability. You won’t learn from a PPA whether foreign filing expenses are justified by the time you must decide on them. This may not be problem if you only care about (or can afford) US patenting. However, it may limit your negotiating strength later with a potential licensee.

Important Notes

To gain full benefit from a PPA, you must file it before disclosing your invention in public, using it in public, offering it for sale, or disclosing it to a potential licensee.

A provisional patent application does not preserve a filing date for a design patent application, only for a utility application.

A utility patent application based on the PPA must be filed within 1 year to retain its benefits, and possibly to retain your right to file any patent application on this invention at all.

Experience and in-depth knowledge of patent law are important in preparing a patent application in proper format with strong claims, and in arguing for the best coverage. Therefore, hiring a patent agency, like Invent Help, is no brainer.


You can lose your right to file a patent application in the US and/or in foreign countries if you wait to file a PPA and/or a non-provisional patent application after disclosing your invention in public, publishing information about it, using it in public, or offering it for sale. You can file a provisional or non-provisional US patent application up to 1 year after the first of the above events in the US, but you lose your foreign rights unless you file before any of the above events (this is a simplified explanation). It is best to file a patent application before any of the above events.

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Face Mask Benefits

We’ve all seen the media images of people wearing a face mask in order to prevent the coronavirus, but does it really work?

Face masks are cheap disposable masks that cover the mouth and nose, wrapping either around the back of the head or behind the ears. The masks are meant to keep you from breathing in the virus. The Center for Disease Control recommends masks that meet the N95 standard to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The CDC says that wearing a mask, such as N95 couldn’t hurt, and there are some benefits. If you should happen to be sneezed or coughed upon, it will prevent a lot of foreign matter from going into your nose and mouth. It will also perform the same function should you cough or sneeze. And while most masks are cheap disposables , they do provide some extra piece of mind. There are high quality N95 masks for sale online which are much more durable.

This piece of mind should not, however, prevent you from using more effective means of preventing the virus. Washing your hands frequently and getting plenty of rest with a healthy diet will also help to prevent it.

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Opiate Detox

Opiates are drugs that are offered for pain relief. They are among the most abused forms of medication though. Many people from all walks of life are addicted to opiates. That is why it is vital that opiate detox be offered at various treatment facilities. The goal is to help someone to find other ways to deal with the pain so that they don’t have a need for the use of such drugs anymore.

Most people in Connecticut that need opiate detox got the medication initially from their own doctor legally. However, they then built up a tolerance to the medication so they needed more and more to kill the pain. In order to get that additional medication they may have started seeing other doctors to get multiple prescriptions. Buying opiates on the black market is very common as well.

Detox Center bhcft

People will do what they must in order to gain access to them. It can even end up with them getting in trouble with the law before they hit rock bottom. That can be when they get the message that opiate detox is what they need to pursue.

Generally a person will need to attend an in house treatment program to successfully detox from opiates. The side effects can be very severe so it is wise to withdraw from the drugs slowly under the care of trained professionals in one of the detox Connecticut centers. In some facilities, the rapid detox process is used. This allows the person to have the toxins from the opiates taken from the body while they are under anesthesia. This will allow the person to feel better without the harsh side effects.

However, it is important to note that there can be problems with the rapid detox. It isn’t right for everyone. Some of the possible problems include heart problems, psychosis, delusions, and even death. Being honest with the medical professionals so that they can determine if you are a good candidate for that process or not is very important. Otherwise you increase the chance of something going wrong during the procedure.

After the detox process has been completed, the treatment program can move forward to other levels. This includes goals for changing behaviors, counseling to deal with stress and to find out what reasons a person has for using opiates, and even medical treatment to help with pain that they have been trying to offset.

The ongoing support and education part of the opiate detox program are also very important. They help to ensure a person has what they need to continue moving forward. Many individuals are very ashamed of such an addiction. They may have hidden it for a very long time. They may have broken relationships that they wish to salvage because of it. They may also have very low self esteem that they need to work on before they can be happy again.

Opiate detox can be a very difficult and complex program to complete. This is because both the body and the mind will be addicted to it and craving it. There are ways to overcome such an addiction though. It does take plenty of time and effort though to get though such an ordeal.


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Male Dog Names That Reflect On You

Picking out dog names can be as difficult as choosing a name for your child. It’s even more difficult if you consider that you have more choices. For example, male dog names can be Max or Jake or Bob. A male child’s name can also be Max or Jake or Bob. Male dog names can be Rover or Snoopy or Boomhauser. I suppose you could name a male child these but I wouldn’t suggest it, for their sakes.

Finding male dog names should be fun, but should also be reflective of something in your life or of the dog. You could choose a name that reflects how the dog looks. Large dogs can be names of characters that are larger than life, such as Atlas or Zeus or Goliath. Small dogs could be named for things that sound small, like Pop Tart or Bug or Shrinky Dink (Shrinky or Dink for short). Some other names that suggest how a dog looks can be Shaggy, Wrinkles, Shorty, Bandit, Bull, or Tiny (this works well for a Chihuahua or a Great Dane). Mythology is a great source of ideas when it comes to dog names. You could find a lot of Greek dog names from Greek mythology, or Roman mythology or Egyptian as well.

Boy dog names can reflect your job or a favorite hobby. Are you a pilot? How about Pilot or Cesna or Boeing for your dog? A plumber can name his dog Pipes, Copper or Flush. An accountant or mathematician has a lot of options, like Abacus, Infinity or, if you happen to be an accountant and a Seinfeld fan, Seven. Some great hobby names can be Ghost or Spooky or Vortex if you’re a ghost hunter. Lincoln, Harry or George are good dog names if you’re a presidential historian. Are you an artist? Try Sketch, Charcoal or Canvas.

Sports fans have a myriad of choices for male dog names. You can name your dog after your favorite team like Red or Wings (hockey), Laker (basketball), or Colt (football). How about team mascot name like Brutus (Ohio State Buckeyes football), or Homer (Hunstville Stars minor league baseball), or Thor (Minnesota Thunder minor league soccer). Your favorite player might have a great name for your dog, like Boomer, Ali, or Lou. If you are one of those people who love all things sports, you could name your male dog Sport.

Movies and television offer some great male dog names. Rocky, Scooby, Cujo, Astro and Rambo are some common choices. For something more unique or that will have your friends guessing, try Dreyfuss (from TVs The Empty Nest), Stinky (Dharma and Greg), Bullseye (from Oliver Twist movie and book), or Bullet (you probably don’t remember the Roy Rogers Show, do you?)

Choosing male dog names doesn’t have to be difficult. Just look around you, you will find things that will remind you of the things you enjoy or the things that your life is made of. You will find a bobble-head of your favorite sports player or a DVD of your favorite movie. You might notice the work you brought home last night or your uniform hanging in the laundry room. Every part of your life can be reflected upon to come up with great dog names.

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Why Make a Prototype of a New Invention

Prototyping your invention idea is a crucial aspect of your life as an inventor. Even though its benefits are usually ignored or downplayed by many, the truth is that having a prototype of your invention idea will help you not only feel your inspiration more real but it will also pave the way to a wide variety of aspects involved in the creation process.

As an inventor, it doesn’t really matter much how passionate you are about your creation. Until you build a prototype of it, it is nothing more than a great idea. Building a prototype of it allows you to look into your invention idea for concept or design flaws and, needless to say, to test how it works and performs in real life situations. There are companies such as InventHelp that will guide you in the process.

One of the major advantages of investing in a physical prototype is that it allows you to analyze your invention idea from the user’s point of view. Is it too big so that it may be difficult to store it away? Is it too heavy and an average person would find it hard to use? Does it look threatening? Does it look great but flimsy? Is it too noisy?

Prototypes can be virtual or physical and, even though the former are easier and less expensive to get, you should really go for a physical prototype of your invention idea. Having a 3D development of your creation will definitely help you appreciate how it will look like and it will also allow you to comfortably show it to potential buyers, investors or even to your family and friends who might be curiously wondering what has kept you so busy lately.

It may also allow you notice some serious design flaws or inspire you on how to improve how your design looks. However, we do not live in a virtual world and, therefore, having a physical prototype of your invention idea should be the way to go.

Taking this step forward from the conceptual stage will save you plenty of time when dealing with the patenting of your invention idea, marketing it, or when looking into which the best way to manufacture it is. You can learn more about the process from

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Caring for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Care can be confusing at times because there is a lot of misinformation about Guinea Pigs at pet stores and on the internet. We would like to touch on a few subjects that sometimes seem to have conflicting information.

The size of Guinea Pig Cages:

In general the cage should be as large as possible. Guinea Pigs like to burrow and need to room to move around. You will also want to have room for a pigloo house or boxes and tubes for the pig to play with. The small cages being sold at pet stores are really too small for an adult guinea pig. There are many great sites that offer bigger cages for sale or instructions for creating your own.

Feeding Guinea Pigs Hay:

Please read carefully. In addition to giving your guinea pig good quality, Fresh food pellets daily, Timothy Hay should be made available as much as possible. When purchasing hay PLEASE read the label carefully as many times the local pet stores offer Alfalfa hay rather that Timothy hay and there is a BIG difference. Alfalfa hay should NOT be given your guinea pigs as it can cause severe issues with bladder and kidney stones due the fact that the Alfalfa hay contains large amounts of calcium.

Multiple Guinea Pigs in the same cage:

In general guinea pigs prefer to live together in groups or pairs. However, due to varying personalities of some guinea pigs, it is sometimes impossible to house them together. Keep in mind that male and female pigs should NOT be housed together unless you are prepared to care for the babies as well as they will mate. Male and Male or Female and Female together in the same cage is not uncommon and can many times be more favorable to the guinea pigs.

Tooth and Nail Health:

A steady supply of Timothy Hay and a good quality food pellet will help keep the guinea pig teeth in great condition. As for the guinea pigs toe nails, if your pigs lives and spends most of their time in a cage with soft bedding then these Must be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Otherwise the nails can grow quite long and begin to curl causing a lot of pain for your guinea pig.

Vitamin Supplements:

A steady supply of fresh vegetables and some fruit can usually offset the need for any additional supplements. Before giving any vegetables or fruits to your cavy, you need to check if it is safe first. For example if you want to give celery to your cavy first check is celery safe for guinea pigs or not. The ONLY vitamin supplement that a healthy guinea pig should ever need is Vitamin C. If you decide to give a dose of Vitamin C, please read the label carefully as many of the Vitamin drops offered at the pet store contain other vitamin in addition to the C which can cause illness. Do NOT mix the drops with the guinea pigs main drinking water as it can cause the water to have a strange flavor which in turn may cause the guinea pig to not drink enough and become dehydrated.

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Requirements For Utility Patents And The Scope Of Protection

Utility patents are the most recognized type of patent. There protection applies to how something is made and operates from the result of human activity. It can also be from making an improvement on an old invention that produces a utilitarian result.

Submission Process

To begin, your utility patent application must be written in English or include an English translation. All of the papers used in the application process must be typewritten and completed in black ink. Writing should be done on one side of the paper. The paper should be printed in portrait layout on durable, non-shiny, paper that is either 8.5” x 11” or DIN size A4.

All utility patents are required to contain certain information about the new invention, including the specification, claims, drawings, an oath or declaration, and the prescribed fees for the filing search and examination. For every application that is submitted, a transmittal letter should be filed. This tells the USPTO you are filing a patent and exactly what papers being submitted with the application. There are patenting agencies like InventHelp that are here to help you in the process.

Costs And Maintenance Fees

For the first 12 years, utility patents are subject to periodic maintenance fees following the issue date. You should include payment by check or credit card with a fee transmittal form. The fee has three components: filing fee, search fee, and examination fee. To keep your patent up to date, you must stay current with these fees.

The costs are determined by the number of claims, the length of the application, and whether or not the applicant has small entity status. There are services that will remind you of upcoming fees and even pay them if you choose. Keep in mind that these fees are separate from any other fees that might be incurred during the patent process.

Lifespan Of A Utility Patent

The term for utility patents is determined by the filing date of the application. If filed before June 8, 1995, it will be effective for 17 years. However, if filed after this date, it is good for 20 years. A patent can have an early expiration if its declared invalid, recalled by the PTO, or cancelled for failure to pay. You may get an extension if outside interference prolonged the application process.

Are There Any Disadvantages

When utility patents are granted, the scope of the protection can be the strongest and broadest available. To get this, you must have patience, overcome prior art, and endure this difficult undertaking. Once a patent is issued, the costs can be overbearing to enforce and maintain.

Getting utility patents are labor intensive and time consuming. Many inventors don’t know how to apply for a patent, and that is where patenting agencies such as Invent Help could help. If you have the money for costs, but not the time or skills, it is recommended to hire a patent attorney or agency as stated on InventHelp reviews.

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NVQ Level 4 Teaching Assistant – Your Gateway to a More Rewarding Career

If you are working in a school setting, you should have the goal to get at least the nvq level 4 teaching assistant or the level 5. This will make you more competent in your work as a teaching assistant. Although the responsibilities differ from one school to another, the qualifications of a teaching assistant are often the same. You have to meet these requirements before you can set foot to any classroom and help the teacher-on-duty in handling the students.

Why the NVQ’s are very important?

NVQ or also known as the National Vocational Qualification is the certification you get after proving your work experience and qualifications to work in different fields. It is like the professional licensure examination for the professional courses or bachelor degree courses. Like the nvq level 4 teaching assistant, it tells both the parents and the employers that you have acquired the skills needed in working with school pupils from primary and secondary schools or from institutions that offer the special education classes. It serves as you plus factor in landing on your dream job. Without you mentioning, the nvq level 4 teaching assistant shows how well you can assist kids in the behavioral and mental learning experiences inside the classroom.

Who is eligible to take them?

The Teaching Assistant Courses UK and NVQ’s are open to anyone who wants to formalize their educational qualifications. They are available for adults and young alike. You can take them while working in a school or if you provide educational needs in various settings. Generally, the NVQ’s are divided in different levels to suit all skill and knowledge types. For starters, they can first aim for the level 1. But as you progress, you can go for the nvq level 4 teaching assistant and for the level 5. The ladderized system helps you move one step higher as you improve your background. Once you acquire the highest level, you always have the option to pursue a professional degree. You have the assurance that your qualifications will be respected by other professionals within your chosen industry.

What is included in the NVQ?

The National Vocational Qualifications look at the holistic qualifications of a candidate. Assessors pay attention to your administrative skills, interpersonal relationships, knowledge on the work and ability to promote a healthy and independent environment for students. You will be assessed at work or provide a simulated workplace where you can demonstrate your skills to qualify for the nvq level 4 teaching assistant. This is to ensure that everything you have claimed in your portfolio has a sound basis.

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Who Is A Financial Planner?

A financial advisor or financial planner in Charlotte is an individual who provides guidance and advice on financial matters for individuals. People who work as financial advisors can fall into many different categories and provide many services to their clients. If you need help handling your money, figuring out how to invest or planning for retirement, a financial planner could provide you with help.

Creating a Financial Plan

One of the most important services that a financial advisor provides is helping you come up with a comprehensive financial plan. For this process, the advisor will sit down with you and review your current financial situation. The advisor will ask a series of questions designed to find out exactly what you want to accomplish in life with your money. The financial planner Charlotte NC will help you create a budget and a savings and investment plan. In many cases, people have no idea how to get started saving for retirement or how much they need to set aside to reach their goals. A financial planner will use the information that he obtains to make recommendations about how much you should be setting aside.

Giving Investment Advice

Many financial advisors also provide assistance in the area of investing. Besides simply telling a client how much to set aside on a regular basis for retirement, he will tell clients how to invest their money. This may come in the form of coming up with an ideal asset allocation or it come in more specific terms. For example, some financial advisors will give clients an idea of what percentage of their portfolios should be in stocks, what percent in bonds and what percent in other asset classes. Other advisors will specifically tell their clients to buy stock in XYZ corporation. Before choosing a financial planner, it is important to find out what type of advice they provide. One type of advice may be more appropriate than the other, depending on your situation.


Not all financial planners work in the same area or provide the same services. Some choose to focus on retail clients and work with individuals. Others specialize in working with institutional clients. While the basic skills that they use are the same, they have to understand different financial topics in order to specialize in a particular area.


In order to become a financial advisor, an individual must have certain qualifications. In most cases, they have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field. They also must pass an exam known as the Series 7. This exam is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA. Without passing this exam, they cannot provide financial advice legally. In order to take this exam, the advisor has to be sponsored by an institution that is already a member of FINRA.

Taking Advice

If you are looking for help with your financial situation, working with a financial planner can provide some major benefits. However, you should not blindly take the advice of any planner without verifying the information for yourself. Find out the track record of the financial advisor to make sure that he knows what he’s talking about and that you can trust him. By using a tool offered by FINRA called “Broker Check” you can find out a lot of valuable information about any financial advisor. This information could be exactly what you need to make an educated decision.

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The Two Triggers To An Idea For Invention

Do you really think all those inventors who thought of brilliant innovations, improvements or absolutely original ideas are the rarest of the rare breed of humans who walk and talk like us but thinks differently? In case you think these men, women and children who have created waves across the world with their inventions are from some other planet, you are completely wrong.

Majority of these inventors are ordinary and normal people like you and me, but with a major difference. The factor which separates successful inventors and mere dreamers is not only their creative spark, but also their tenacity to go deep and study the problem to come up with a solution. So you think easy invention ideas do not come easily? You would be surprised. An idea for invention can come from two triggers. First, try with what is there. Second, try with a problem that constantly bothers you as explained by Invent Help – patenting agency.

The first option is easy. Look around you and you can easily find products, gadgets, services, which can be made better. For instance, look at the food processor in your kitchen. Can it be improved, replaced or its need be completely eliminated? Can it be joined with another gadget and made into a convenient combo? Can a toaster be hooked on to a stove so that you do not need a toaster in the kitchen at all?

Examples like this are many. We first had internet. Then someone thought of connecting it to the telephone. Now with VoIP phone systems, long distance calls are as cheap and convenient as never before. Adding one system to another is one great way to come up with an idea for invention. Look around you and surely you too can come up with numerous such opportunities.

There are many words which can trigger an idea for invention. Words such as bigger, smaller, faster, slower, poorer, richer, wetter, drier, higher, lower… the list is truly endless.

The second way to look for an idea for invention is to look for something around you which is a bother. Again, there are plenty of things which irritate us, but we simply have learnt to ignore it. Little irritations and botherations are to be looked upon as great opportunities to think of something which will solve the problem. Watch new invention videos on YouTube to get even more ideas.

Pets messing the kitchen floor, tongue burnt with over-heated coffee, brushing your teeth ever so often — how can these small daily irritants be removed completely? If only teeth had a coating, the coffee cup came with a thermometer, and pet food could be served in a spill-free bowl. If you think of increasing convenience as a path to a better quality of life, then an idea for invention could crop up while having that very hot cup of coffee!

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