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Best Handgun For Home Defense

There is much debate over which handgun is the best for home defense. Should I go with the cheapest priced gun such as the Hi-Point Model 40, or should I go with the more expensive option such as the Sig Sauer M11? There are certainly many things to consider before going out and purchasing a handgun; factors such as cost, bullet capacity, functionality, and gun jamming all need to be assessed.


Cost is typically a major factor when considering the purchase of a new home defense handgun. Although there are many brands of guns that offer firearms for around $200, most of the best rated handguns are typically north of $300. Brands such as Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Glock have built a reputation for making the most trusted, top of the line handguns. Although it is human nature for many of us to be thrifty, I would not suggest being cheap when it comes to selecting a gun for home defense. The protection of you and your family is not something you want to risk with a cheap, poorly rated firearm.

Bullet Capacity:

It is important to consider how many bullets a gun holds before purchasing a new handgun for home defense. Chances are, you may need to fire multiple times if there is a home intrusion situation. Many of the best handguns have magazines that hold >7 rounds, which should hopefully be enough to fend off an intruder.


Before purchasing a new handgun, it is important to physically handle the gun in person. Things such as the safety lock, weight of the gun, gun sights, and trigger pull weight need to be physically experienced before making this important decision. Many gun dealers allow you to try a firearm at a firing range prior to purchasing – this is highly recommended. You want to make sure that if there is ever a time where your handgun is needed to defend your home from an intruder, that you are ready to turn off the safety and properly handle the firearm.

Risk of Gun Jamming:

When you buy a new handgun, your assumption is that it will always fire when the trigger is pulled. However, this is not always the case. There are many reasons why a handgun may jam.

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