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Tools Needed to Change Brake Pads

Fixing your car is not really a hard thing to do just as long as you have the proper tools to use. Before planning on fixing the brake pads on your car, see to it that you know what you are doing and have the complete tools, cleaners and replacement kit set before starting.

Although changing your car brake pads would be easy, you still need to have a basic knowledge regarding car brake system. And if you ever have doubts in doing so, contact a professional auto mechanic to do the job to assure the safety of you and your family.

Listed below are the tools needed for changing front and rear brake pads:

Torque wrench – to loosen and secure the bolts and nuts in different parts of the wheel. Thus, different sizes would be needed depending on the size of the bolts.

12-14mm socket – not all bolts are round. We need socket wrenches to loosen and fasten six side bolts and nuts to secure a better grip on the tire, caliper and other parts that is taken off.

High-temperature grease – provides protection to the equipment giving the pads a longer wear life. It can also affect the speed, torque, sound of the car and can tolerate heat that ranges up to 480 degree Celsius.

C-clamp – is used to clip the caliper while you rotate and retract the piston.

Needle-nose pliers and channel locks – to further secure the bolts and nuts.

Brake fluids – it is very important to use a brake fluid. Thus, it is responsible in making physical force in to pressure but using the right brake fluid is also very important. Choose brake fluid that is made up of glycol-ether to protect/lessen the damage in your rubber seals and hoses in your braking system.

Brake piston tool – brake compression tool

Rear brake tool – this tool is needed for replacing rear brake pads and caliper.

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