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What Are Applicant Tracking Systems?

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are software platforms that help to manage the recruiting process. They automate tasks like matching job postings to resumes, conducting initial screening, routing candidates for interviews and tracking all the details of a hiring process.

The goal of an ATS is to make it easier for both employers and candidates. For employers, it can streamline their hiring process by automating tasks like candidate tracking, scheduling interviews and sending reminders. For candidates, it can save them time by eliminating the need to manually apply for jobs they are interested in.

There are many types of applicant tracking systems on the market today, each with its own set of features and functionality. Some of these include:

Job posting management systems — These allow users to post jobs online at no cost through a single portal and keep track of applicants’ progress as they apply for positions.

Resume databases — These allow users to store resumes online so that when someone applies for a job opening at their company, they can search for relevant candidates from within the system itself. They may also allow recruiters to search through resumes from outside sources such as social media sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.

Applicant tracking systems — These allow users to search for candidates by keyword and location, as well as create lists of potential hires. They may also include functionality that allows employers to receive alerts when someone applies for a job opening or responds to an advertisement they’ve posted online.

How To Choose The Best Free Applicant Tracking System?

The best free applicant tracking system is one that offers all the features of a paid version, but without any monthly or annual fees. In addition to being able to search for qualified candidates, it should also be able to manage their applications and resumes.

You should be able to easily post job openings and receive resumes from interested applicants. It’s also important that the system allows you to create applicant tracking reports that show how many candidates have applied for each position, as well as who was hired.

The system should be easy to use and offer a user interface that makes it simple to navigate. It’s also important that the applicant tracking software is compatible with your current devices and operating systems, including mobile phones.


When you’re looking for an applicant tracking system, make sure that it has all of the features that you need. You should also be able to easily integrate the software with your current technology and use it in a way that makes sense for your company.

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