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Broken Dentures Types

Dental Implant Dentures fjkhj

Even other broken dentures might have a lost denture tooth. There are many different types of broken dentures, and the most common are the dentures that break right in half. Those dentures that break in half could mean that the when the denture was originally made to fit the gum tissue support may have decreased in size.

Broken Dentures with Missing Teeth

Before getting a denture tooth replaced on broken dentures, the tooth that is replaced could be of low quality. There are many different ways the same tooth can be made by a tooth manufacturer where the materials could be softer and more susceptible to wear than that of quality denture teeth. The softer the material that is used, the faster the tooth can wear down.

Dental Implant Dentures fjkhj

When choosing a dental lab for fixed hybrid denture repairs it is important to make sure a dentist examines broken dentures. This is common practice for most dentists, and to make sure that a dentist is involved with broken dentures, the name of the dentist should be requested before handing the dentures to those who repair dentures.

If a dentists name cannot be acquired when asking, it might be best to find places that have dentists involved with denture repairs.

Using repair kits to fix Broken Dentures

Denture kits are available over the counter and are made for temporary uses. The labeling inside these kits include the mentioning of those who use the kit to fix their dentures to find assistance with a local dentist as soon as possible.

This is because the materials in a denture kit are low quality, and is not made for a long lasting repair. Places that offer broken dentures repair often may use higher quality materials to repair dentures.

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