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Buying a handgun online

Gun Deals Online

Buying a handgun or even a rifle does not necessarily need to be difficult these days as we now have access to the internet. There are some restrictions on these online gun sales of course, though you should not that these restrictions pertain to gunpowder based weapons rather than pellet guns. On many gun store websites you will find that pellet guns are available freely and you can purchase them without issue. Today we are here to talk about the purchase of larger arms such as standard rifles and handguns. These are much easier to come across than you would think, but for the moment let’s talk about the types of guns and gun deals you will or will not find within the standard online gun store.

Gun Deals Online

What You will Find

Single shot rifles are fairly common on these sites and you may even find some vintage models if you look hard enough. In addition to that you can find semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and of course revolvers.

What You may not Find

At the typical firearms dealer you are not going to find any type of automatic rifle whether it be a mounted gun or an assault rifle. These will require special licensing from the government, and typically the only reason to own them would be for manufacturing purposes.

Price Difference

You may have heard that the price of guns is a bit higher online than offline, and this is absolutely true to an extent. In order to receive the firearm you would need to have it shipped to an FFL certified individual (Federal Firearms License) and this will of course cost a bit extra. Many FFL vendors will charge a fee for receiving the firearm in your stead and this fee is normally somewhere in the range of $25.

The benefit to buying online of course is the expansive selection. When you visit a physical gun store you can only see their limited stock. Online the stock can be nearly infinite and if they do not have what you want, you can more than likely get them to order it. As you can see, buying online is the best way to go in the world of today.

One thing of interest to note is that the upper receiver of any rifle or handgun is the FFL item. You can feel free to purchase the lower receiver and the other parts without needing to consult your local gun store or purchase a license. It is unlikely that you will only need the lower receiver of a rifle or handgun, but accidents do happen, and you may find yourself needing replacements, keep this in mind and you should have a great buying experience.

One thing to remember is that while you can look for certain deals, there ARE cheaply made handguns that you will want to avoid. Some are actually known for ejecting live rounds from the chamber, and others may be known for odd internal configurations. Either way, watch what you are buying, especially with an online dealer where you will be unable to touch the weapon before actually making your purchase.

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