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Facing DUI Charges in Scottsdale? Here’s How Cornerstone Healing Center Can Help

A DUI charge in Scottsdale, Arizona can seem like a daunting mountain to climb, with legal consequences both immediate and far-reaching. During these critical moments, it’s essential to have supportive solutions for intervention and recovery. This is where Cornerstone Healing Center steps in. It provides a comprehensive suite of services, from low-cost DUI assessments to tailored counseling sessions, and aims to help individuals overcome their struggles related to substance use.

Low-Cost DUI Assessments

A DUI arrest often comes with legal requirements, one of which is the DUI assessment. Cornerstone Healing Center offers low-cost DUI assessments conducted by state-licensed evaluators. These assessments ascertain the nature of the individual’s issue, determining the appropriate, legally compliant course of treatment.

Various Tiers of DUI Classes

Cornerstone’s DUI classes offer an effective way to fulfill court mandates and, more significantly, contribute to personal growth and preventative measures. This is one of the best DUI programs in Scottsdale. Composed of three levels, each class caters to specific requirements and situations.

Level One focuses on first-time offenders, aiming to reduce future DUI recurrence through a robust 16-hour course.

Level Two provides a more intensive examination to determine if a substance use problem exists, and how best to treat it.

Level Three offers the most extended sessions of treatment, designed for those with multiple offenses.

Through their DUI program, Cornerstone works to shift the emphasis from punishment to education and prevention.

Online Course Access

Understanding that accessibility can often be a barrier, Cornerstone provides an online option for individuals unable to attend in-person DUI classes. The online forum allows participants to fulfill educational requirements while still able to manage their daily duties.

Tailored Alcohol Assessments and Counseling

Cornerstone Healing Center understands that every person facing a DUI charge has unique circumstances. Hence, they offer more holistic alcohol assessments to determine any underlying issues related to alcohol use. This extends into their counseling sessions, which are designed around the individual’s specific needs, focusing on their well-being as a total entity.

The staff at Cornerstone Healing Center is well-trained and experienced in the field of addiction. They work with a variety of clients from all walks of life, including individuals from every socioeconomic background. Their team is comprised of professional counselors and alcohol abuse specialists who are committed to helping people overcome their struggles with substance abuse.


In the face of DUI charges, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Cornerstone Healing Center seeks to serve as a beacon of hope and recovery. By providing comprehensive care, legal assistance, and a preventative, tailored approach, they aim to mitigate the impact of DUI charges on affected individuals and help forge them a path to a healthier, safer future.

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