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Give Your Kitchen a New Make-over

Since the kitchen is the centerpiece in everyone’s house, most people want to make it look nicer and enhance its functionality. However, buying a whole new kitchen cabinet takes lots of money, thus some people think about refinishing their kitchen cabinet with small money. For a beginner who wants to refinish the kitchen cabinet or those who are just curious about kitchen make-over, here are some simple but practical principles.

Organize your refinishing plan beforehand. It is time-consuming to shop for the materials and tools, thus you should prepare some basic supplies at least: hand tools such as scrappers, screw drivers, a hamper, masking tape, paint stripper and brush. You will also need newspaper and old clothe to protect the surfaces during your working.

Remove the stuff out of the cabinet. After emptying the cabinet, you can work easily.

Take away the cabinets and shelves from the cabinet. And remember to label all the doors and shelves otherwise it will take lots of time as you put them back.

Clean the cabinets carefully. Any oil substance will hinder your refinishing. You should use heavy-duty degreaser to clean the grease. You can find the best deals on best degreasers on the internet. There are quite a few online portals, such as this one, where you can read the reviews about each degreaser, so you can decide which one fits the most to your cabinets. Use a damp cloth to wipe the wood and let it dry.

Clean the cabinet hardware. Soak the hard ware in the soap water solution about 30 minutes. Use a soft brush to scrub lightly the hardware, and let it dry.

Because some of the rubbermaid outdoor storage cabinets are made out of wood or plywood, it is easy to refinish with paint. If you plant to paint your cabinet, prime the surface first. As you are going to paint, the first part that you should start is the exterior door, from bottom to top. Let them dry thoroughly. You should go to paint the face frames and sides of the cabinets when you wait for the door dry. Then go to paint the interior door, and let it dry completely. Later, apply another coat of varnish to external surface. There is no need to add another coat to the interior doors. You have to leave your cabinet dry at least 24 hours before you use it.

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