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Going To Maui?

Are you looking for a vacation the whole family will love or maybe you are newlyweds planning the perfect honeymoon? You have come to the right place and have picked one of the best vacation spots in the world. Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii and offers activities and tours you will not find anywhere else.

No matter what kind of landscape you enjoy, Maui has a variety of scenery to please the whole family. From tropical beaches to beautiful mountains and lush valleys, Maui offers a paradise vacation to all. Known as the “Valley Isle” Maui is also considered one of the prettiest islands in the world. Many Maui tours offer sight seeing of some of the most beautiful waterfalls and sunsets you could ever imagine. You can also tour the mountains by bike or helicopter. You won’t want to miss Mount Haleakala, the 10,000 foot high sleeping Maui volcano. Whether you simply enjoy sight seeing or want to do something athletic on your vacation you’ll want to try one of the many Maui tours.

Activities in Maui are numerous, there’s definitely something for everyone including the young and the young at heart, the adventurous and the laid-back vacationer.

With over 30 miles of beaches, activities in and near the ocean are a definite must. Young and old alike will enjoy snorkeling in Maui in the beautiful, clear blue waters. And for a true ocean experience, with all the dive shops on Maui available, scuba diving in Maui offers you a view of a beautiful underwater world you can’t experience anywhere else. Feel more comfortable keeping your head above water? The adventurous might enjoy kayaking or catching some of those great ocean waves on a surfboard. And for the more relaxed vacation, a calm ride in a sailboat might make your Maui vacation more memorable.

Another popular way to experience Maui is by helicopter. Taking a Maui helicopter tour will give you a look at the landscape and geography of Maui that can be seen ONLY from the air. One of the most striking sights to see from the air is the beautiful Maui volcano, Mount Haleakala or “house of the sun”. On a Maui volcano tour you’ll be awed by the vastness of the 19 square mile crater at the summit of Haleakala.

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