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How Security Guard Training Works?

Security Guard Training jyutr

Anyone applying for a license to work as an unarmed security guard must be at least 18 years of age, pass a criminal background check through the New York Department of Justice as well as the FBI, and complete a 40 hour course administered by a certified training facility, or any private patrol operator (private security companies).

Prior to working as security guard, the individual must undergo 8 hours of “Power to Arrest” training, which familiarizes the recruit with the scope of a security guard’s powers. He/she must also pass an examination related to this material. When the potential security guard has completed all background checks as well as the first 8 hours of training, he is granted an interim security guard registration which allows him to be placed on assignment.

Security Guard Training jyutr

Within the first 30 days after being assigned to a post, the security guard must undergo an additional 16 hours of training within the first 30 days of assignment, as well as another 16 hours of training within the first 6 months in order to qualify for a full security guard registration.

Security Guard Training Online

Some jurisdictions will allow you to fulfill your basic security guard training & licensing requirements online. Online security guard training will have lessons, exercises, and tests like classroom courses and will usually allow for interaction between students and instructions.

The biggest benefits that online security guard training offer are convenience and affordability. Online security guard training courses can be completed in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. This can be especially beneficial if you’re busy with full-time employment. You’ll likely have to contact your local government offices to find out if online licensing fulfills the licensing requirements of your state or municipality.

If your jurisdiction requires emergency first aid and CPR training, this will likely have to be administered in a classroom. However, the majority of security guard licensing requirements may be completed online in most states.

Start Your Security Guard Training

If you’re an individual with a basic level of physical fitness who can display good judgment and common sense, are able to take direction and follow rules and guidelines, have a good deal of patience but can also take charge under pressure, then a career in private security may be perfect for you. Start your security guard training New York City today.

While some security companies will look to hire security guards with higher education or a ex-police or ex-military background, there are plenty of entry-level opportunities for those with minimal experience and a high school education. But whether you have a wealth of experience in the security field or nothing but a high-school diploma, the most important qualification for being a security guard is a responsible attitude and a willingness to learn. For anything else, that’s what security guard training is for.

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