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Personalized Funeral Bookmarks

Funeral bookmarks are used in both private and public funerals. The funeral bookmark is usually placed in a prominent place, like on top of the casket or near it, so that mourners can find it easily during the service.

Funeral bookmarks can be made out of any paper product that will stand up to regular use. They can be made out of cardboard or plastic and they should be sturdy enough to be handled by hundreds of people over time without breaking apart or becoming damaged in any way. The size of the bookmark will vary depending on how many people it needs to serve, but generally speaking they should be smaller than 8 inches in length by 3 inches wide or larger than 4 inches by 2 inches long.

The funeral bookmarks can be decorated in any way that is appropriate for the type of service in which they will be used. If it’s a religious ceremony, then images of angels or other religious symbols may be appropriate. If it’s a civil service, then it might be appropriate to include an image of the deceased or their family.

The funeral bookmarks should be printed with a large, clear font that is easy to read. The text should be simple and direct so that anyone who reads it will understand what their purpose is. The most common words used in these bookmarks are “In memory of” followed by the name of the deceased person, but you can use whatever wording you feel best fits the situation.

The design of the funeral bookmark will vary depending on how much information you want to include. If there is only one service then you may want to keep it simple, with a small picture of the deceased and some basic information about when and where they died.

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