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What is an Apostille Certificate and How Do I Get One?

Apostille acts as a certificate for authenticating or legalizing all kinds of documents, including public documents issued by government agencies, and also private documents such as birth and marriage certificates.

Apostille also provides authentication for signature on a document. This process calls for the signature to be verified by an authorized public official and then stamped with an Apostille stamp that has been approved by a Hague Convention member country’s foreign ministry.

The most common use of apostilles is in relation to consular legalization, or the authentication of notarized documents by foreign governments. A consular legalization certifies that an officially signed document was properly executed by an authorized person and has not been altered since it was signed.

Apostille Agencies in Dallas

When you need to have your documents legalized before they can be used abroad, you’ll need to contact an Apostille agency in Dallas, Texas. Dallas apostille office will send your document through their state’s Secretary of State office where it will be reviewed and authenticated with an Apostille seal if it passes muster.

For a document to be accepted for use abroad, it must be properly executed by the appropriate authority and then authenticated with an Apostille seal. This process ensures that your documents are legally binding in every country they’re used in. The Secretary of State office is responsible for reviewing all legal documents before they can be turned into apostilles.

The process is similar to that of a notary public in Dallas, Texas. The Secretary of State will check the document for any changes or alterations and will verify that it was signed by an official who has authority to do so. Once your document has been properly legalized, it can be used as evidence abroad.


The process of apostille legalization is a vital part of any international agreement or transaction. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your operations overseas or an individual who’s planning to move abroad, it’s important to know the laws of each country you visit.

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