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AC Repair Tips

The heart of the ac unit is called a compressor and it compresses the refrigerant into a high pressure. It works under high pressure and high heat. If the compressor has bad valves, it blows in warm air instead of cold air. Some compressors produce a whooshing sound when the valves are bad due to the high pressure seeping to the low pressure side. When this happens, the compressor should be checked immediately.

An air conditioner that is making noise but the blade is not spinning

The part that spins is called a motor and if it is not spinning yet the unit is noisy, it means that the condenser fan motor is faulty. This problem is most common and it is caused by the high heat environment. You can replace this yourself or call a professional AC Installation Daytona Beach, FL company.

An air conditioning unit that blows out air that is not cold

The air conditioner is supposed to give cold air all the time. If the air that is produced is normal, it means that the valve caps were not screwed properly. The air conditioning units contain a refrigerant which works under high pressure and if there are leaks, no cold air is produced. If the refrigerant is lost in the leaks, it can cause failure of the compressor. To fix this problem, the leak has to be repaired.

A unit with a blank thermostat

The unit contains control circuit boards which control the entire functions of the system. When the circuit board burn out or wears off they cause a lot of problems. The burning can also be caused by other components that are not working. When a control circuit board stops working, it must get replaced immediately.

A unit that is freezing with ice all over the lines

This means the Freon is low, the blower motor is faulty or the coil used is dirty as a result of not changing the filter or sealing ducts that leak.

Regular serving of the air conditioning unit helps to prevent major breakdowns. It is always a good idea to have maintenance done on your air conditioner at least once a year. This will help keep the major ac repair costs down.

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